Most Sold Cake Flavor


The award for most sold cake flavor goes to White Wedding! Congratulations, receive your prize.


My white wedding cake is the most sold flavor I have. All of them are amazing, but this one takes the cake. I have customers that have purchased with me for years, and they always get the same flavor. I know what they want when I see their name flash across my screen. White Wedding flavor perfectly combines vanilla and almond cake. It suits a brunch, birthday dinner, bridal shower, or wedding perfectly. An ideal snack with a glass of wine during a “Me Day.”


If you have not ordered this flavor, what are you waiting for? I recall the first time I made this flavor. When I was starting out, I had my taste testers lined up to give me feedback. I nailed this one on the first try. I can proudly say it has only gotten better. My support system looked forward to my creations, and I looked forward to seeing them smile. That is why I bake with love. I love to see how my food brightens a day, from the little children that love my cake pops to the parents that unwind to some of my gourmet strawberries.


How about a contest? If you are into baking, try my White Wedding recipe I will share below. I want to see and hear how yours came out, so reply here or tag me in a video or pictures on Instagram. The best one will win your choice of a dozen of my gourmet strawberries or a dozen oreo balls. This contest will begin today-February 17th. I will contact the winner on February 18th.



White Wedding Cake                                         


§   1 Cup Milk, room temperature

§   6 Egg White, room temperature

§   2 Teaspoons of Almond Extract

§   1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

§   2 ¼ Cups of Cake Flour, sifted

§   1 ¾ Cups of Sugar

§   4 Teaspoons of Baking Powder

§   1 Teaspoon of Salt

§   1 ½ Sticks of Unsalted Butter


1.    Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

2.    Grease 8- or 10-inch pans

3.    In a bowl, stir together room temperature milk, egg whites, and extracts until blended.

4.    In a larger bowl, mix cake flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Cut the butter into cubes and add it to the bowl. Mix until cubes are the size of peas.

5.    Add mixture from #3 and beat on low until blended.

6.    Add to your pans and bake. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. If you need more time, bake in 10-minute increments until ready.


Enjoy & Share!