My Form of Expression


I love being creative. I remember in middle school, I took art every year. My mom was like, Cay, are there any other options? Art has always been my favorite. I do not think I colored on walls as a child, but I used a lot of paper (let me get back to you about the walls). I close my eyes and see what I desire to create and make it a reality. Sometimes it is just as I saw it other times, I have to work more. I knew I was born to create. 


Although I do not draw as much anymore, my creating has evolved to cakes and the food I prepare. It's almost like I have this gift to know what will taste good on what. And it is usually nothing major, an effortless addition that makes a world of difference, like adding freshly squeezed lemon juice to my chicken pasta. I am not sure if people do this, but the thought came to me; I tried it, and there was nothing left in the pan. I prepared this dish for my cousin's funeral last year, and people still talk about how good it was. Most of the time, my family is shocked when they taste something I cooked or baked. In amazement, they ask, "Cay, you did this?" I think this is because I am the youngest of the bunch, the baby, and growing up is hard for them to accept. 


Creating is so much fun to me. My mom always says that my food is my form of expression. She said sometimes you see what is going on within what's produced. This is why she tells me to check my energy before I prepare anything for anyone. Yall know my mom is a coach, so she will teach no matter what it is, lol. 


We all have gifts and talents. There is a way for each of us to express who we are. I hope that you find your way. It is going to make you feel so good. You will look forward to it every day. I get tired like the average person, but I love what I do. I am glad I had someone there to help me discover my gift at an early age and help me to make it better. 


So, what's your form of expression? Do you bake, style hair, makeup faces, design clothes, decorate, write books, paint, create flyers, etc.?


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