Formerly Known As Cayyy's Creations


I am beyond excited to introduce to you Baked N Business Blog. My name is Cayla LaTavia. I am an entrepreneur and soon to be high school graduate. When I started my business at 13 years old, it was called Cayyy’s Creations. Yes, I was ten years old when I baked my first-pound cake with my great-grandmother and started my business with the help of my mom at thirteen. Since then, I have rebranded to suit me becoming a young adult. I may have changed the name, but you will still get unique creations and great taste. Oh, and food too. Yes, my goal is to open a storefront to feed you good cooking and sweets. 

So about my blog, can you tell I am excited? Please do not think I will only speak to things in my age group. I do not know many people my age making moves like this, so please understand this blog can help anyone in business. I will share experiences in the industry, times I wanted to quit, the time I did stop, recipes, and so much more. When I say Baked N Business, I mean the information you acquire to grow is baked in so your business can thrive. Get it?

So welcome to my blog space. I hope that your expectations are exceeded as you read and grow from being a subscriber. Let's grow in your purpose together and become everything we have ever dreamed of. You do dream, don't you? Please do not stop seeing yourself where you desire to be. I will soon be 18, and with the fantastic start I had, I can only imagine where I will be in 5-10 years. I have a mentor, a plan, a desire; nothing will stand in my way. 

I will tour the local culinary arts institute next month. I have a path, and it is hard to steer in a different direction when you operate in your gifts. My mom always says that if it does not align with your goals, do not allow it to distract you. I have worked toward making sure I do not lose focus. 

Share with me in the comments section what you are up to. What dreams do you have for your life?


Pursue your dream. The road may seem long and challenging, but consistent actions lead to success. 

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