Culinary School Tour


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This week I toured Louisiana Culinary Arts Institute. It was exciting the moment my mom pulled into the parking lot. I set goals, and they are becoming a reality. The office manager greeted me, then the tour started with the admissions counselor. The school made me feel like I was in a huge restaurant, but the tables and chairs took notes. There was so much space; all I could do was imagine being there and eventually having my space like that. As we toured, Megan talked about all the opportunities the students had. My mom looked at me, and I looked at her with that look we give each other when we hear something good. I am so glad I took my path. When I go to this school, I will finish with two Associate’s Degrees. That may not be the “dream” others see, but it is mine.

Before I left my high school to head on tour, someone asked me what college I was going to. When I told the lady the route I was taking, she said, oh, and gave me a look as if not going to a university meant I would not make it. She did not bother me because she does not know me or know that I have a business and have had one for a while. I’m only going to culinary arts school to increase my skills, prepare me for shows like Chopped, and cater events the celebrity way. The skills I will gain there will take LaTavia’s Food & Bakery to another level. It is funny how people size others up by a degree that most do not use, anyway. I am not doing that just to say I did it. I am making choices that line up with my goals, period! There will be no apology for that.

However, the tour was amazing. We left with information to move forward, so my mom will complete another step in helping me get in next week. There are several steps, some she has already done, and she has planned to complete a few more by next week. I want to start in August and have a degree by December 2023, my bad 2 degrees. I am doing culinary arts and the baking program. Seem like a wonderful school; I look forward to writing about my experiences throughout my time there. This is a new beginning for me. I will be a high school graduate in May, and by August (fingers crossed), I will learn and grow in my craft. As tough as it gets, life is exciting. I was not looking forward to college math, English, and Psychology, but I can handle it if it means getting steps closer to my dreams becoming a reality.

Until next time, follow that path designed for you. Your life will not look like others. We have a different fingerprint for a reason. Follow your print and stay true to yourself. If it makes you happy and brings you peace, do not lose sight of it.